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Fleet Management

Tracking vehicles in real time removes much of the guesswork in business

Productivity increases because fleet managers can locate, track, monitor and report on individual vehicle activity, anywhere nationwide.

Vehicle performance data is gathered by an onboard “ITS” tracking device – and sent in real time to the office.

Benefits can be immediate and include improved customer service, greater accountability and more accurate documentation.

“ITS” Intelligent Tracking Solutions makes vehicle tracking quick and easy.

The real-time navigation service provides dispatchers with a complete view of their fleet, and an ability to seamlessly communicate with each vehicle.


Live GPS Tracking, Journey Replay, GPS Fleet Management Reporting, Email Alerts and More. Professional Installation,Training & Backup Support. It’s a No1 Choice!





For those extra GPS Tracking features such as rural tracking and driver behaviour, the ITS-30 is a robust tracking unit that can give that bit of extra information.






A step up in GPS tracking including features such as Accessory and OBD inputs as well as driver behaviour etc, the ITS-200 is a great intermediate level GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System





A fully customisable system, the ITS-300 has multiple inputs and outputs making a huge range of features available to you.  Accessories can be added at any time which means that as technology marches on this unit will be able to keep up with it!



Fleet-Management-AccessoriesAccessories and OBD Connectivity

At ITS we provide a full range of accessories for your vehicles and machinery.  Please check out just some of the extras we can supply here.