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Who We Are…

An established company with an impressive customer list, ITS IntelliTrac manufacture and customise a broad range of in vehicle and personal Satellite / GPS Tracking products to include cloud based customised software solutions, Telematics, IVMS, Navigation & Mobile Workforce Solutions for Government, Local Councils, Fleet Management, Automotive Security, Personal Tracking, Man Down, Insurance Telematics, Health and Safety and Job Dispatch.

Today ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions IntelliTrac is a global leader in GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce Job Dispatch Systems, with a team of approximately 50 plus staff including Software Developers, Electronics Engineers, Sales, Operations and Service Staff. We bring to market turn key and customised Satellite / GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce Solutions in many vertical markets including government, local councils, small to large business fleet’s, fleet management, mining oil and gas in vehicle monitoring systems and mobile workforce software systems.

Best Price GPS-Satellite Systems: 

We have the largest range at the lowest price with full featured GPS and Satellite tracking systems, included with our internet based software for fleet management and your fleet optimisation it’s hard to beat.

100% Satisfaction: 

At “ITS” Intelligent Tracking Solutions we can provide product and solutions to help you manage your fleet and team in the best way possible, no contracts and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Proven track record: 

Intelligent Tracking Solutions GPS Tracking Systems supply Australia’s and New Zealand’s best selling GPS Fleet Management Tracking Systems for all small to medium or even large businesses from one to one thousand vehicles plus ” ITS” possible.

Peace of mind: 

Join the thousands of business owners that have improved their peace of mind, customer service, efficiency, productivity and accountability with this outstanding and comprehensive GPS Tracking System.  Know your data is being held securely in our Tier 3 Data Centre.

Corporate, Mining & Government: 

ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions provide a full range of Corporate, Mining & Government Turn Key GPS Tracking and Mobile Workforce Solutions, including GPS Based Fleet & Equipment Service Interval Monitoring, GPS Based Carbon Emissions Reporting, GPS Based FBT Log Book Systems and GPS Based OH&S Systems. Our experienced team is able to assist with customised software, mapping requirements and complete integration into existing systems.


We supply Australia and New Zealand with the most feature packed and reasonably prices GPS tracking system’s and internet based tracking software available to date, to include SMS, GPS, GPRS, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, NextG and Satellite units.

Quality and reliability: 

With our products being the benchmark in GPS tracking technology with distributors UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australasia and the Americas, we have a broad range of in vehicle and personal GPS Tracking, Navigation & Mobile Workforce Solutions for both Fleet Management, Automotive Security, Personal Tracking and Telematics.

Vehicle tracking: 

GPS Vehicle Tracking helps remove guesswork as it increases productivity because it enables you to locate, track, monitor and report on your vehicles quickly and easily.


A full reporting suite lets you download and review reports such as mileage, speed, time of arrival / departure at a site and time spent at sites so you can better schedule jobs and improve efficiency.

Vehicle maintenance log: 

With an ITS system you can also record an individual vehicle’s maintenance requirements and reminders for automatic tracking and notification.

Vehicle Maintenance schedules can be set up based on date range, engine hours or distance.

 Our Strengths:

  • Custom solution providers and designers from standard tracking features through to full customisation.
  • Locate your vehicles on a map in seconds.
  • Multi screen view, see all your vehicles locations and current information live.
  • Send and dispatch the nearest vehicle to any job.
  • Satellite view high above the area then zoom in and navigate your way at street view level.
  • Nine Mapping platforms to include Satellite or Hybrid image with over lapping traffic information.
  • Record location, speed, direction and mileage.
  • 90 days black box recorder with information can then be uploaded and held on your system for ever.
  • Manage individual vehicle’s maintenance requirements and reminders.
  • Driver details like telephone number, name, licence details etc.
  • Give your customers more accurate eta measure distance to travel or plan a route.
  • Establish Geofence boundary lines so you can receive alerts when drivers arrive at or leave specific areas.
  • Review a driver’s activity for the day for route optimisation, to see sites visited and to prove whereabouts.
  • Set up vehicle maintenance alerts so you automatically know when WOF, COF, RUC, insurance and servicing is due.
  • Access reports to help with time sheets, job logs, billing, customer queries and more……

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