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GPS Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy GPS Tracking Units from ITS ?

We have a long history, experience and a proven track record. ITS is a New Zealand owned company established originally in the designing and manufacturing automotive security electronics industry with backup support and representation in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, United States Of America.

ITS has been involved in GPS tracking since 1998.

ITS provides it’s own mapping and software technologies “IntelliTrac”

ITS is a global leader in GPS technology supplying many corporate and government departments.

ITS is big enough to support you and small enough to care.

Just call and ask to speak to our CEO or Managing Director and you’ll be put right through no questions asked.

See here for questions you should ask before purchasing a GPS Service

Do I get stuck in a contract for years ?

One simple answer,when you purchase a GPS system from us there are ” NO CONTRACTS

Can I use a mobile phone App to track my fleet By GPS ?

Yes you can use a mobile phone App to track your fleet, but it is not an ideal solution you need a product like our “IntelliTrac” software and GPS units dedicated to send and receive the detailed information required to successfully provide a quality tool for your company.

Some of the other downsides to using Apps to track your vehicles. Once GPS tracking is enabled on a mobile phone, the battery life is shortened to approximately 4 hours Mobile phone tracking will not provide fleet management activity such as distance traveled and ignition on/off status. Mobile phone tracking can be disabled by the user.

For those that are serious about receiving all the possible benefits of fleet management tracking, ITS always recommends in vehicle mounted GPS Tracking devices.


How does GPS Tracking work ?

A GPS Tracking Device is professionally installed in your vehicle.

The device is approximately the size of a cigarette packet .

The device has an antenna that receives signals from the GPS Satellites orbiting the earth.

This signal allows the device to know its position anywhere on the face of the earth.

The position is stored on a motherboard within the GPS Tracking Device.

The GPS Tracking Device also has another antenna.

This is similar to a mobile phone antenna.

The GPS Tracking Device uses the GSM digital mobile phone internet broadband to send its location information to the ITS Data Center.

This information is stored indefinitely at ITS.

You and your staff are each given a username and password to log into the ITS site to track your vehicles and generate fleet management reports.

How accurate is GPS ?

Accuracy is dependent on GPS reception.

Normally on a normal suburban street or country road, the accuracy is approximately 2 to 5 meters.

However in CBD areas where both sides of the street are blanketed by skyscrapers, accuracy may be reduced. Of course GPS cannot function within buildings, so ITS will report the last known location.

For example:- The position just before you entered that underground car park.

Where and how is a GPS unit fitted ?

The unit is professionally installed within the vehicle.

Installation is completely hidden from view including both GPS and GSM Antennas.

Installation is non invasive with only minimal connections.

Will you come to me to install the GPS devices ?

ITS has a team of mobile installation technicians, which will install on your premises as required in any major New Zealand city or town.

How much will GPS cost my company ?

Cost depends on the ITS model or package deal chosen.

Please refer our products page for more details.

ITS have many options including outright purchase, subsidised purchase plans, and rental options.

Who Supplies and Pays for the Sim Card in the GPS Tracking Device ?

ITS generally supplies and manages the Sim card within the GPS tracking device and pays a service fee directly to the telecommunications provider such as Telstra, Optus, 2 Degrees and Vodafone etc.

Our Sim cards will roam from country to country and telecommunication provider giving you excellent service and cover.

You simply receive a fixed account at the end of each month from ITS covering your Internet Access Fees and Data Fees.

Why do I need to pay ITS a monthly fee for GPS tracking ?

The monthly fee you pay ITS is used to pay for the data costs associated with running the sim card in your GPS Device, plus Map Data Licensing fees to the Australian and New Zealand Government PSMA, maintaining servers and data centers, providing help desk facilities, as well as employing programmers that are constantly updating your software and adding new features.

How long will the GPS product delivery take ?

Once ITS receives your online order, all relevant departments swing into operation to deliver your product within 5 working days (subject to your vehicle’s availability for installation).

Our accounts department approves your account, then our product delivery department allocates your devices and programs them to suit your vehicles. Our IT department sets up your software and usernames and passwords.

Our service department calls you to arrange installation, and finally our training and customer support department contacts you to arrange training.

We make the journey into GPS tracking as smooth as possible by setting everything up to suit your needs.

But first you must complete the online “Order” Forms.

Do you provide GPS training in Both Australia and New Zealand ?

ITS provides training right from the day your systems are installed.

When we are conducting training, you are actually viewing real data generated by your fleet of vehicles.

So as not to overwhelm you with all the features of ITS Software, we train you on the basic functions first and then follow up as and when needed.

At anytime you can request training updates and refresher courses.

Will it work anywhere ?

ITS will work anywhere, but it will only transmit real time tracking when the vehicle is within GSM (Mobile Phone Coverage) for a standard system or any location if connected through our satellite communication hub.

With a standard system any tracking information collected when the GPS Tracking Device is outside GPRS, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G or NextG coverage will be stored and transmitted automatically when signals are available.

Most ITS models use GPRS, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G or NextG mobile broadband to send their information or some will switch to the best service connection at the time.

If you require superior real time coverage in rural areas, ITS also has its satellite hub solutions.

Do I need to inform my staff ?

No you do not have to inform your staff that GPS Tracking is installed in their vehicles if used for day to day reporting functions of your business or for health or safety and security.

However you are not allowed by law to use the devise as a means to spy on your staff without their knowledge.

It is good practice to discuss the benefits of GPS tracking with your staff and how it may assist their daily activities rather than create the perception that management is implementing the technology using the big brother approach.

Can my staff be assured privacy for after hours use ?

Yes your devices may be limited by our head office only to track your company vehicles during business hours, thus assuring your staff privacy in out of work hours.

What Warranty do you provide ?

ITS In Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices are covered by a 2 year warranty covering any manufacturing defects and installation workmanship.

ITS warranty covers parts and labour.

How do I track my vehicles ?

Tracking your vehicles is as simple as logging onto the ITS GPS Tracking Site using your allocated username and password.

Can I have more than one username and password for my GPS system ?

Yes you can have as many usernames and passwords as you like.

Each can be allocated to view different vehicles in your fleet and each can also be allocated different privileges.

For Example:- Generate fleet activity reports or simply view real time locations on a map.

Can I be logged in to ITS GPS all day ?

Yes you can be logged in all day at no extra cost.

Can my staff tamper with the GPS device ?

Yes anything is possible, however ITS products encapsulate all connections within the product so that they are not easily unplugged.

ITS also has certain fail safe mechanisms to send alerts when common forms of tampering are detected such as cuts in wires, removal of fuses or disconnection or tampering with antennas.

How often are the GPS positions updated ?

Positions may be updated by time and/or distance intervals and/or change of direction in some models. The GPS unit updates once every second then the data updates at 3 minutes when the vehicle ignition is on and the vehicle is moving to you the end user.

ITS sends coded positions for many events such as Ignition On, Ignition Off, Speeding, Excessive Idle, Low car Battery, Battery Disconnected, Vehicle being Towed and much more.

How do I pay and how am I charged for the GPS tracking service ?

ITS will email or post an account at the beginning of each month or direct debit your nominated credit card or bank account a few days later.

A Direct debit method is used in order to streamline our business thus providing the best possible price and service to our customers.

Corporate and Government agencies may apply for 30 day credit terms but we run on 7 days normally.

Are there any contract periods ?

Generally we do not tie you into any contract periods.

You may disconnect at any time by giving one billing period notice so that we may cancel the Mobile Data Service with our telecommunications carriers.

ITS does however impose a “Fair Go” clause where certain products are subsidised and sold below cost.

In this case if you disconnect within 24 months, we request that you either return the product to us or you may keep the product and pay the difference between the subsidised cost and the normal price.

Can I cancel at any time ?

You may disconnect at any time by giving one billing period notice so that we may cancel the Mobile Data Service with our telecommunications carriers.

ITS does however impose a “Fair Go” clause where certain products are subsidised and sold below cost.

In this case if you disconnect within 24 months, we request that you either return the product to us or you may keep the product and pay the difference between the subdivided cost and the normal price.

How long is the data retained ?

Data is retained indefinitely, however it is archived every 12 months. Archived data is available upon request.

What about privacy of my GPS data ?

ITS values your privacy and any collected data is not made available to any external companies or agencies unless required by law or request of a court.

Can the system send me email Alerts ?


ITS Alerts Manager allows you to define alerts and send emails to one or more persons.

These alerts may include GPS Event (such as speeding), Day of Week, Time of Day, Inside the Schedule, Outside the schedule, Inside a Geofence, Outside a Geofence, WOF, RUC, COF, servicing schedules and much more!

Alerts may also be defined for service intervals based on Time, Distance and hour meter readings.

Do I own the product or is it rented ?

You may select either option based on your business requirements.  Where product is discounted below the RRP we enforce a ‘Fair Go’ Policy whereby the GPS device is to be returned to us if you disconnect the service within the first 24 months.

What information will the GPS tracking system give me ?

The ITS Software system is quite complex and is able to provide a range of information and features including:-

  • Real time tracking on a map showing all your fleet
  • Real time tracking on a map showing individual vehicles
  • Journey replay of one or more vehicles simultaneously
  • Fleet management Reporting
  • Service based alerts
  • Vehicle Activity Alerts
  • Driver Activity Reports and (Driver Behavior on certain models)
  • Security Alerts
  • Tamper Alerts
  • Harsh Breaking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Impact Alerts
  • SOS
  • WOF
  • COF
  • RUC
  • Licence Identification
  • RFID
  • Geofence
  • Off Road User Charges
  • GPS Device Health Check Reports

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How much can this system improve my business or save me ?

A return on investment calculator may be downloaded

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What can I save in my business when I get GPS tracking Fitted ?