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Smart phone and device Apps  


  Access for “Tracking Platform

For an Android based device the link to the tracking platform App can be found here


For Apple ios devices the url is here




Quick Find App “Where Are They Now”

For an Android based devices the link to the tracking App can be found here


For ios devices click here


Logging In

LoginTo log in select ‘User Credential’.

Enter the same user name and password you use to access your tracking software on your PC.  If you would like your phone to go straight to your vehicle on the map next time you turn it on make sure ‘Remember password’ is ‘ON’.  Press login.

To set up your vehicles on your smartphone go back into the menu.


Setting Up Your Device

5You can also change how the vehicle icon will appear on the mapping within the App.

To alter this tap on the grey car.  A variety of icons will show.  Choose the one you want to have showing on the mapping for that vehicle by tapping it.

Tap on ‘Device Setting’ to exit the icons.



 Table View

You can view the details of your vehicles on an on-screen table.  Simply click on ‘Table View’ in the menu. Swipe across the screen to view all table fields.  You can view the following:6

  • Device Name
  • Date & Time
  • Address
  • Current Status (Report)
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Satellites
  • Speed
  • Odometer
  • Driver
  • Geofences


Map View

To view a vehicle on the map simply tap on it in the table either under the ‘Device Name’ or ‘Map View’ Column.7  A map will appear on screen with your vehicle on it at its last recorded location.  Tap on the vehicle to view detailed information.