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Increased Staff Safety In The Working Environment

The ITS IntelliTrac GPS fleet management system can help you to comply with the new health & safety at work act 

A greater component is safety for lone workers.

If you’re sending somebody out on a job alone, what has your organisation done to keep that person safe?

If they’re in a rural location, or forestry, can you still track them?

From the business side of things, do you know how a vehicle is actually being operated?

Or where your staff are?

If your company vehicle is being driven erratically and there is an accident which could have been prevented

your business could be liable.

With a major change to the Health and Safety in Employment Act (1992), its stated aim is to reduce New Zealand’s workplace injury and death rate 25% by 2020. It’s modelled closely on the Australian Work Health and Safety Act, which has been the catalyst for a 16% reduction in work-related deaths since 2012.  A key difference in the bill from existing legislation is that directors of a company could be held liable for failing to ensure that a PCBU complies with health and safety regulations – even if they have not directly contributed to the failure.

In short, the onus will be on all business owners and directors to be more proactive in terms of workplace safety. This is a particularly important issue for companies running fleet vehicles, which are already regarded as workplaces under currently legislation: more stringent rules mean even more complexity over what are essentially mobile workplaces.

Andrew Wallington, CEO and Co-founder of ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions “IntelliTrac” the fastest growing Satellite and GPS-tracking specialist company based in Australasia, says he’s already seeing an massive increase in enquiry from companies with loan workers being just for man down SOS functionality or larger fleet operators in anticipation of the new legislation and changes in the mind set of New Zealand company owners and operators to their staffs working environment and location safety risks.

Our superior knowledge and product portfolio gives any company owner the tools needed to implement additional safety features within their company. Our sales team are finding increased enquires and requests from all manner of companies that already have some type of tracking products on their fleet, however the products were purchased on price not on capability so an upgrade is a must as ITS IntelliTrac is now being renowned as having the largest and most comprehensive range of products for just about any application. Our staff are picked on the basis of listening to their clients requests, there in-depth knowledge of our industry and being able to think outside the box

 GPS And Satellite Tracking Is An Easy To Use Tool For Any Company Large Or Small

 Health and safety is priority in any company large or small, we never go to work wanting to become a statistic of an accident report or worse a fatal statistic. With ITS IntelliTrac you can monitor an individual person or a vehicle’s speed, location, direction and more in real-time, alerting you to undesirable driver behaviour as it occurs, allowing you to prevent potential accidents and avoid costly fines before they happen and recover any data leading up to the point of accident, we have Black Box recorders that all ow high definition tracking laying out in real time second by second all the tracked items movement, location, time and speed.

Remote location is not a problem as we have cutting edge GPS and Satellite tracking products that link you direct into your staff from our IntelliTrac hub giving you constant security and peace of mind your staff are safe cat all times operating within your companies guidelines.

As speeding and erratic driving are some of the leading causes of traffic-related accidents, being empowered to prevent speeding by having timely information about misuse of your vehicles, proof of misuse to enforce excessive vehicle use policies and the ability to inform drivers about areas of concern is invaluable or ensuring the health and safety of your staff and the public in general.


With ITS IntelliTrac Geo-Fencing you can create and set individual boundaries or draw Geo-fences to demarcate a specific area or road, being it on road or off road, you are able to determine exact areas point by point and create detailed reports or manage alerts entering or exiting areas or even mark boundaries staff should not be entering or leaving.

By using this fully customisable tool, naming areas then you can instantly know when your vehicles enter or leave specified zones, which better protects your vehicles from theft and vehicle misuse. You will be alerted if your vehicle is being used outside of a set operating zone or being used outside of set operating hours. The exact location is always available to assist vehicle recovery.

Our Geofence capability is probably the most powerful on the market to date giving easy to set up functions that just take seconds to administrate, any shape is possible of any size and the ability to give additional overlays Geofencing on multiple layers… it’s not just circles and squares!

Increased Vehicle Safety

At ITS IntelliTrac you are easily able to monitor the service and maintenance details for your vehicles ensuring safety and helping you reduce costs in the process.

This makes obvious sense reducing the risks created by under-servicing vehicles and equipment, identify and address mechanical issues before they cause unexpected downtime and keep accurate records of maintenance performed and ensure preventive maintenance is done at the right time.