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The ITS-200… A Step Up In GPS Tracking

The ITS-200 is an intermediate level tracking system suitable for general vehicle tracking and fleet management applications where basic input monitoring may be required along with Data Communications such as Driver Tap & Go Identification Cards, Mobile In Vehicle Data Terminals with Navigation, and transducer monitoring such as Temperature Monitoring. 
The ITS-200 provides constant real time tracking over the internet, with standard device settings resulting in positions being sent by Time and/or Distance and/or Heading.

The ITS-200 is suitable for many applications such as:- 

  • Municipal Waste Management, Sweeping & Maintenance
  • Refrigerated Transport Temperature Monitoring

The IT-200 instantly locates and reports positioning by using GPS and communicating by GPRS Mobile Broadband Technology.

Product Features

  • On Demand Tracking
  • Real Time Tracking: Updates by time interval, distance interval, change of direction (turn by turn) or smart mode (a combination of all modes)
  • Blackbox Recorder logging up to 100,000 positions at 1 second to 30 second intervals. Great for accident reconstruction data.
  • SIM Pin Code setting
  • Position sent whenever
  • Ignition is switched on/off
  • Speeding
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Emergency Stop/Accident Detection
  • Excessive Idle
  • Vehicle Towed
  • Low Battery
  • Battery Disconnected
  • Backup Battery Low
  • 3D G force Sensor
  • Vehicle Odometer
  • Engine Hour Meter Via Real Time Clock


  • GSM/GPRS communication
  • Device configuration over the air
  • 66 Channel GPS high sensitivity receiver
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequency, SMS, GPRS UDP/TCP (High Quality Siemens Modem)
  • Power source: DC 8-35V
  • Back-up battery: 950mA, 3.7V
  • Dimension: 60(W) x 30(H) x 106(D) (mm)
  • Weight: 165g
  • Power consumption:
  • < 8 mA @ DC 12V (GPS off, GSM off, 3D G/I/O sensors on)
  • Serial port: 1 mini-USB, for device configuration or back-up battery charging
  • Serial port: 1 serial port for data communications such as Mobile Data terminal 2 way text messaging or Driver RFID tag
  • Operating temperature: -20C to +80C (w/o battery equipped
  • Input port: 4 digital input ports (includes 2 Analog Digital inputs)
  • Output port: 4 digital output ports
  • Memory: Built-in 4MB flash memory

Software Features

  • Update Location On Demand
  • On Demand Real Time Tracking
  • Detailed Report – Speeding, Tamper, Exceptions, Harsh Braking& Acceleration
  • Journey Time And Distance Report
  • Stationary Time & Location Report
  • Fleet Summary Report- Hours of Work, Stops, Idle Time, Distance Traveled
  • Driver Hours, Time & Distance, Location Report
  • Device Health Check Report
  • Customer Service Site Visit Survey Report
  • Vehicle Service Due Report/Email Alert
  • Carbon Emissions Report
  • Journey Replay on Map (Start/Stop/Pause/Play/FF/RW)
  •  Pop Up Alerts for Exceptions/Alarms
  • User Definable Exception Alerts and Reports
  • All Reports Export to PDF, CSV, Excel