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ITS-300SA IVMS Plug and Go GPS Tracking Device

A Great Solution for Short Term Projects and Rental Cars

GPS Plug and Go Unit





The ITS-300SA IVMS is a portable GPS tracking device which has all the features of the ITS-300 plus the following options:

  •  SOS Button
  • Welfare Check Call In Button

ITS-300SA (Stand Alone) Hardware and Firmware Bolt On Module

 With an extended 3 month battery life for GPS Container, GPS Trailer Tracking and other non powered GPS Tracking Applications.

The ITS-300SA Bolt on Package includes the following features:

• IP65 Rated Weatherproof Enclosure
• Extra Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery
• Power Management Firmware

The ITS-300SA Bolt On provides the following functions:-
• Tracking up to 3 times per day on its own power
• 3 minute tracking when powered by trailer electrical circuits
• Low Backup Battery Warning Positions
• Deep Cycle Sleep Modes when no movement detected
• 100,000 position store and forward memory buffer when devices outside GPRS communications coverage areas
• 100,000 position black box recorder updating at 1 second intervals
Alerts may be defined based on the following conditions:-
• Monitored Sensor Status
• Geographic Area Status – Inside, Outside, Entering, Exiting
• Day of Week
• Time of Day Range – Inside, Outside, Entering, Exiting

It’s Easy To Setup And Use

• Unbeatable Value For Money- We dare you to find a better deal!
• Installation – Both New Zealand and Australia Wide.
• Unmatched Product Quality Backed by Our 2 Year Warranty.
• Incredible 2 Year Fixed Monthly Fee Guarantee – No Hidden Costs or Surprises!
• Easy To Use – You’re up and running in minutes.
• Internet based Software – No Need To Load Complicated Software.
• Works on PC’s- Apple Mac- Apple Iphone- Apple Ipad – Some Smart Phones.
• Log in from anywhere around the world – On any computer.
• Live Tracking on up to date maps
• Journey Replay on up to date maps
• No Extra Charge to be logged in all day long- View on a Big Screen TV!

Fully Flexible Features & Ongoing Support

• No Extra Charge for additional users – Let your customers track your vehicles
• Each User Can Be Limited on Software Features
• Each user can view all vehicles or be limited to certain vehicles by management
• Full Ongoing Support by ITS Call Centre Staff
• Full Ongoing On-Demand Training by ITS Call Centre Staff
• You actually speak to support staff in your area!
• Fully Licensed Mapping – No Nasty Surprises Down The Track
• Fully Approved by Australian and New Zealand Communications Authorities & Phone Networks

Advanced Reporting & Alerting Modules

• Stationary Time and Location Report
• Journey Time and Distance Report
• Fleet Activity Summary Report
• Fleet Utilisation Report
• Customer Site Visits Report
• Device Health Check Report
• Excessive Idle & Speeding Report
• Drill Down and Exception Reports
• User De fineable Alerts
• Email Alerts – Popup Alerts
• Black box Recorder 100,000 events at 1 second intervals-Best in the industry!
• All Reports Export to PDF, Excel and CSV File