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Finance Or Rent To Buy / GPS Lease Option 

If you have multiple vehicles we would be happy to put together a great fleet management package tailored for your business with significant cost savings and arrange finance TAP.

Business operating lease and lease-to-own options with easy monthly payments are also available TAP for the hardware and installation.

Business Financing and Leasing

ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions offers companies the opportunity to lease GPS and Satellite units or alternatively finance to purchase the units is also available TAP.

Business Lease/Rental

  • Your company has full and immediate use of equipment
  • The longer the term of your lease, the less the outgoing monthly cost
  • We can offer short term GPS equipment leasing
  • Or we can offer long term GPS equipment leasing
  • Minimal impact of cash flow
  • Contract Period “Minimum 6 Months”
  • Usually off-balance sheet and 100% tax deductible


Business Loan

This is a standard term loan product for customers who want to pay off their business asset over a period of time.

The customer will attain ownership of the equipment.

  • Customer attains ownership of equipment on start date of the contract

  • From no deposit financing (subject to credit approval TAP). Minimal impact on cash flow.

  • Payments monthly in arrears, over various terms.

  • Tax deductibility – allows GST component to be claimed almost immediately and interest and depreciation thereafter

  • The customer will attain ownership of the equipment.


ITS intelligent Tracking Solutions leasing and finance agreements provide you with:

  • The ability to purchase/lease your new equipment without affecting your current cash flow and funding arrangements

  • A finance arrangement that suits your business needs eg. Lease or Loan

  • Easy monthly payment arrangements over various terms

  • Quick and speedy response to finance applications submitted through third party

Please contact us if you wish to discuss financing or lease options further

*Please note: The full contract total until the date of termination will be charged on any lease terminated early.


Why choose “ITS” Intelligent Tracking Solutions “IntelliTrac” For Your GPS Choice? 

  • ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions “IntelliTrac”  New Zealand Owned with offices and support around the world
  • We have been in business for many successful years and GPS is all we do and we do it well
  • We hold your hand from the time you place your order to the time you and your staff are fully trained
  • We provide mobile onsite installations and ongoing support thereafter with support staff based in New Zealand
  • We deliver a product and software that is fully setup and ready to operate
  • We are experts at GPS Tracking Cars, Trucks, Machinery, Vans, Utes and just about any movable Asset