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Motorcycle Tracking Using IntelliTrac 3G GPS  

The IntelliTrac new generation high specification 3G/NextG GPS Tracking device with full Reporting capabilities for your Motorcycle

If you are wanting a High Performance, High Sensitivity GPS Tracking Device that’s also water and dust resistant the IntelliTrac ITS-30M unit is the GPS tracking device for you!

The GPS unit is a smart and reliable all in one GPS vehicle tracking device which is developed and designed for vehicle real-time tracking and monitoring use, suitable for many applications, ideal for Motorcycle / Quad Bike tracking.

Superseding previous models with superior sensitivity GPS module on board, the ITS-30M can easily get a fix even under ‘urban canyon’ conditions.

The unit instantly locates and reports positioning by using GPS and communicating by GPRS and 3G / NextG Mobile Broadband Technology.

Simply Log into the ITS website to track real time positions and replay historical journeys traveled and much more.
Our professional tracking and reporting module is included in the software suite.

Easy to install on most bikes running a 12 volt battery the unit can be configured for power management so minimal power consumption if not used regularly and has added benefit of an internal battery backup for sneaky thieves that try disconnecting the bikes battery.

  • Update Location On Demandits-30
  • On Demand Real Time Tracking
  • Detailed Reporting – Speeding, Tamper, Driver Behaviour and many more
  • User Definable Exception Alerts and Reports
  • Journey Time And Distance Report
  • Stationary Time & Location Report
  • Summary Report- Hours Used, Stops, Idle Time, Distance Traveled
  • Driver Hours, Time & Distance, Location
  • Vehicle Service Due Report/Email Alert
  • Journey Replay on Map (Start/Stop/Pause/Play/FF/Rewind)
  • Pop Up Alerts for Exceptions/Alarms
  • All Reports Export to PDF, CSV, Excel
  • Live Tracking – Second by second tracking with 1 or 3 minute additional updates
  • True Track turn by turn tracking giving detailed information and location
  • Driver Behaviour Reports – Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration, Cornering and Impact
  • Excessive Idle Report
  • Speeding Report
  • No need for external antennas or drilling
  • Day to day Reporting – Insurance Due, Registration Due, Road worthy inspections
  • Stay Logged in all day
  • Covert installation tamper proof
  • Track from internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Fully customisable and unlimited usernames and logins

Key Features:

  • Login using your Mobile or IOS / Android device
  • Set Up Geofence Areas For Theft Management
  • On Demand Tracking
  • Automated Reports sent directly to your inbox
  •  Real Time Tracking Updates by time interval, distance interval, change of direction (turn by turn) or smart mode (a combination of all modes)
  •  Black Box Recorder logging up to 100,000 positions at 1 second to 30 second intervals.
  • Great for accident reconstruction data
  • Position sent whenever:
    •  Ignition is switched on/off
    •  Speeding
    • Excessive Idle
    • Bike Towed
    • Bike Stolen
    • Low Battery
    • Battery Disconnected
    • Backup Battery Low
    • 3 D G force Sensor
    • Odometer
    • Battery Back Up
    • Water Dust Resistant
  • Tracking (by time interval and/or distance interval)
  • Journey logging
  • Geo-fence reporting
  • Mileage report
  • Self-defined events reporting
  • Emergency alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Towing alerts
  • Theft alerts
  • Power low/lost alerts
  • Power Management
  • Low power consumption
  • GSM/GPRS/3G/NextG communication simultaneously
  • Built in battery backup

With all GPS and Satellite tracking units they require the ability to send its location back to the reporting platform this requires connectivity, with IntelliTrac products because the unit has a BlackBox recorder when out of connectivity all Data will be saved and downloaded when the unit comes into service reception.

For bikes used constantly where no 3G coverage is available we recommend you look at our Satellite tracking options, please click here or contact our sales team at IntelliTrac