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My Dream Car

You can locate your vehicle via:

Logging on to the ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions website

Via IPhone or Android app, this enables you to live tracking

Positions are updated every three minutes

ITS, Intelligent Tracking Solutions stores a history so that you can view the position of ‘MyDream Car Live’ in the past 12 months.

Where will MyDream Car work?

MyDream Car will work in any country that has a GSM phone coverage network (this may incur international call and SMS costs)

MyDream Car will also work in any country that has GPRS phone network coverage (this may incur international data roaming costs)

MyDream Car needs to be outdoors to provide accurate position details of within 5 meters, if MyDream Car is indoors, it will display its last ‘known’ position (the location prior to entering the building)

Special Requirements:

For the unit to work you need to have a sim card that has caller ID enabled and that any mobile phones that are being used for the tracking of MyDream Car also have caller ID enabled.

Battery Life:

The battery backup lasts for up to 24 hours after the cars battery has been disconnected.


The device is installed in a covert location, generally under the dashboard, yet this may vary depending on the vehicle.

Ongoing Costs:

There are no ongoing costs billed to you by ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions, the only ongoing cost is that you pay the sim card/data usage bill to the telecommunications company.