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Nice & Easy OBDII GPS

The Nice & Easy OBDII GPS fleet management tracking devices offer the following advanced features.

  • Live tracking within 3G and NextG coverage areas
  • No loss of data. Automatic Store & Forward up to 100,000 position memory when outside 3G and NextG coverage.
  • Blackbox recorder – 1 second recording & separate up to 100,000 position memory for accident reconstruction
  • TruTrack accurate turn by turn tracking updates , not time based like our competitors (Excludes OBDII)
  • A selection of maps with satellite and streetview images
  • Real time clock & GPS clock ensure accurate ignition on/off & sensor/alarm reporting indoors & undercover
  • G-Force sensor to eliminate GPS inaccuracy & false odometer readings in poor GPS areas
  • G-Force sensor to wake on movement & increase security & theft detection
  • Daily device health check notification
  • Power management to prevent flat batteries & excessive data usage
  • Notification when power management mode is entered.

ITS IntelliTrac GPS fleet management satellite tracking devices offer the following standard features.

  • Track from any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Unlimited usernames and logins
  • Each user may have different privileges as to which vehicles they can track
  • Each user may have different privileges as to what functions they can use
  • Each user may have different privileges as to which reports they can generate
  • Each user may have different privileges as to which alerts they can receive
  • Stay logged in all day
  • A full range of reports including:-
    • Detailled Report
    • Journey Time & Distance Report
    • Stop Time & Location Report
    • Daily Activity Report
    • Working Hours Report
    • Time Spent At Each Customer Location Report
    • Time & Distance Travelled Inside Region Report
    • Exceptions & Alerts Report (such as Alarms, Speeding, Harsh Acceleration)
    • Departmental Cost Centre Reporting
    • Business/Private use reporting for Fringe Benefits Tax (Excludes OBDII)
  • Customise your own reports & graphs
  • Customise your own alerts
  • Vehicle & Asset Details Register
  • Driver Details Register
  • Driver Infingement & Incident Register
  • Servicing, Insurance, Lease & Road Tax/Registration Reminders
  • Vehicle Lifecycle Cost Register
  • Driver Fatigue Management Register
  • Route Planner & Optimiser. Plan the most efficient route before driving

Nice & Easy OBDII Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 50(W) x 28(H) x 42(D) (mm)
  • Weight: 65g
  • GPS with 66 channels A-GPS and Glonass receiver
  • Telstra NextG 850MHz frequency, SMS, UMTS/HSDPA UDP/TCP
  • Power source: DC 8-16V
  • Back-up battery: 3.7V 230mAH
  • Power consumption:
    • < 150mA @ DC 12V (GPS on, GSM on, NextG connected, OBDII Data Reading On)
    • < 40mA @ DC 12V in power saving mode (GPS off, OBDII Off, GSM in standby mode)
    • < 8mA @ DC 12V (GPS off, GSM off, OBDII Off, 3D G/I/O sensors on)
  • Serial port: 1 micro-USB
  • Memory: Built-in 4MB flash memory
  • Built-in tri-axial acceleration sensor
  • 50,000 event black box recorder FIFO
  • 50,000 event tracking buffer.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C
  • Tracking in Time, Distance, Direction and any boolean combination
  • SIM Card Pin Setting
  • Over the air device configuration
  • Over the air firmware upgrading
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE Compliant
  • FCC Certified

Note:  Some OBDII features will vary from vehicle to vehicle dependent on the sophistication of the OBDII capability on that particular vehicle.  ITS IntelliTrac or any of its subsidiary companies hold no liability for any onboard computer error, notifications or reset requirements on vehicles if the nice & easy product programming conflicts or corrupts data readings for the vehicle it’s fitted to.

ITS IntelliTrac recommend that if you have any concerns with vehicles onboard corruption expectation they contact their vehicle’s dealer direct for more specifications or advice.