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With OBD Connectivity the options are huge!

Join the satisfied municipalities who have improved their efficiency, productivity, accountability and security with ITS IntelliTrac’s range of turn key and customised solutions.  


  • Monitor vehicles Temperature
  • Monitor Operating engine hours
  • Monitor Fleet Service Intervals
  • Monitor vehicles oil pressure
  • Monitor vehicles RPM and Speed
  • Monitor vehicles voltages
  • Monitor items on and off
  • Report events and locations
  • Report actual vehicle scheduled service
  • OBDII Engine management CAN BUS
  • Air Filter blocked
  • Fuel Calculations Monitoring and Capacity usage

We listen, we are proactive and we care, because our business is built on achieving results, productivity and efficiency improvements for your business.

An example of our ingenuity is the “Insurance Box”  our team in Australia developed for the insurance giant QBE.

Read more about it below:

14th October 2013: Melbourne Australia

IntelliTrac™, Australia’s leading telematics provider has partnered with Insurance Box™ in Australia’s first telematics car insurance system.

We are honored that Australian developed telematics technology Intellitrac™ has been selected by Insurance Box™, made possible by QBE™, in Australia’s first telematics based personal car insurance. It’s going to transform the way Australians see the motor vehicle insurance industry.

“The motor vehicle insurance industry has always been based around personal factors and the generic risk associated with the make and model of your vehicle. This technology allows vehicle usage and driving behavior to be analyzed so that insurance premiums are fairly calculated. It means good drivers can begin reaping the rewards of safe driving.”

“An online portal also allows drivers to review their ‘Drive Scores’ and provides helpful hints on how their driving behavior may be improved to possibly further reduce premiums, and at the same time reduce carbon emissions, fuel consumption and wear and tear on their vehicles. It’s a game changer for Australia it promotes safe driving and in time may result in safer roads. ”

We’ve already seen this technology successfully rolled out throughout the US and Europe. We have studied the US and European offerings and developed an Insurance Telematics solution which is unique to Australia. This brings us to the forefront of technology thanks to our partnership with Insurance Box, made possible by QBE, and the knowledge which we have gained during the research and development cycle. I dare say we are now setting the benchmark in the industry.

Frank Peppard, Chairman of Insurance Box said “IntelliTrac™ have proven experience delivering telematics and mapping solutions and we are fortunate to have had access to their expertise and innovative thinking on the three year journey to develop Insurance Box™ for Australian conditions”.

ITS™ Intelligent Tracking Solutions send out congratulations to the engineering and software teams at IntelliTrac™ and streetdirectory.com.au on their magnificent effort in being able to bring ‘Insurance Box™’ from concept stage to market ‘on time’ and ‘within budget’. It once again demonstrates to the market that IntelliTrac™ Australia has the ‘smarts’ and determination to make it happen.

More information about Insurance Box™ is available at www.insurancebox.com.au

“ITS™ Intelligent Tracking Solutions is proud to be New Zealand’s authorised division and representative for Intallitrac™ (The manufacturer of Insurance Box™) GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions”