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Some Basic Questions You Should Ask Any GPS Provider

Before Committing

We understand it becomes a little confusing when selecting a reputable GPS Tracking provider. 

Here are some questions you should ask before choosing your GPS Tracking provider.


  1. Do you design, develop and manufacture the GPS tracking device?

YES we do


  1. Do you update the functionality of the device as the technology changes or improves?



  1. Can the changes be made remotely or do we need to take these vehicles off the road?

All configurations are over the air, there is no downtime required for updates


  1. Is the product certified for sale by the Australian and New Zealand Communications Authority? If so Please advise us your certification number

YES  Our number is N13468


  1. Where are your servers hosted? 

By law they must be hosted in Australia or New Zealand since private information is stored.

Our servers are located at Tier3 Data Centres in both Auckland and Melbourne Guaranteeing 99.982% availability


  1. Are your servers shared virtual servers or dedicated?

Our servers are dedicated and owned by IntelliTrac


  1. Are your maps licensed? 

Make sure you ask for proof…. Unlicensed services are unreliable and may be shut down at any time,  you may even be liable for damages.

Our maps are fully licensed. Our license number is GMGEO750KOEM


  1. Is your map data sourced from Google or PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Authority)?

For accurate and fast reporting GPS tracking companies should licensed and use the official government street number, street name and suburb data.  Although Google map data will function, it becomes slow when generating large or complex reports running address data. Imagine running a 1000 line report with addresses and asking Google to provide this information. Even at 0.1 second per address lookup request it would take almost 2 minutes to run this report.

IntelliTrac owns Virtual Map, a licensed Value Added Reseller of PSMA map data.  All map data is stored within our own servers and not looked up over the internet. That means fast accurate reporting.


  1. Does the GPS Tracking Device have a synchronized real time clock?

GPS Tracking devices report all location data based on GPS Date, Time and Location. There are times when a vehicle is undercover and GPS coverage is not available. If a synchronized real time clock is not available, this means GPS device will report inaccurate dates and times.

IntelliTrac devices all include real time clocks for added reporting reliability


  1. Does the GPS Tracking Device have reference to an internal G-Force Sensor?

G-Force Sensors and Accelerometers are important in filtering out inaccurate GPS positioning especially when vehicles are stationary in area of poor GPS coverage. “GPS bounce” as it is known results in inaccurate distance reporting and odometer readings.

YES. IntelliTrac   GPS devices use G Force Sensors to filter location updates when the vehicle is stationary


  1. Is the GPS Device 3G, 4G or NextG Compatible?

3G, 4G and NextG, provides the best network coverage in both Australia and New Zealand. It operates on a frequency of 850MHZ UTMS/HSPDA.

YES. IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Devices are tuned to 850MHZ UTMS/HSPDA



Most GPS tracking devices sold in New Zealand operate on an old platform called GPRS or 850MHZ /900/1800/1900 GSM.


Any units working on GPRS are not 3G, 4G or NextG compatible devices and will cease to function in April 2017 in Australia and soon to close down in New Zealand too,  dates to be confirmed.


Our Tracking Devices from IntelliTrac are built using the very latest technology and are designed to operate well into the future giving you the customer many years of reliable service with our backed up global support network.


IntelliTrac has been operating globally for over 28 years and will be leaders in their field for many more to follow.