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Satellite Asset, Plant and Equipment Tracking

ITS Trace Unit

The ITS Trace unit is the theft-alert tracking device powered by 100% satellite technology. traceThe tiny, lightweight device allows you to track anything, anytime and anywhere – from your boat to your car, jet ski or motorbike. When the ITS Trace unit detects movement it will automatically notify you of its GPS coordinates via SMS or email, so you know exactly where your valuable assets are.

How does the ITS Trace unit work?

The ITS Trace unit uses satellites to send tracking points and messages, so its signal needs a clear path to the sky. The signal will go through glass and fiberglass but cannot pass through metal or wood.

The Trace will send a signal to the satellite with its GPS coordinates at intervals determined by you. When movement is detected, the ITS Trace will send you an email or SMS notification with its GPS coordinates. You can use the ITS IntelliTrac web based user console to track your asset in near real time.


View your assets GPS coordinates using the online user console.
Movement Alerts
Receive a notification when the ITS Trace vibration sensor detects your
asset has new movement.
Dock Mode
Configure ITS Trace to track an asset that is primarily stored
on the water.
Power Off Message
Receive a notification that the ITS Trace is powered off.
Low Battery Message
Receive notification when ITS Trace’s batteries are low.
Status Message
Receive a daily alert to let you know your asset is secure

For more information please view our ITS Trace page here

Satellite Tracking SAT AITS-SAT-A-nl

With this device you get the benefits of full GPS fleet management combined with the most cost effective mix of GPRS, 3G, 4G, NextG and Full Satellite Tracking to give you connectivity almost anywhere!

This ultimate fleet tracking device has multiple connectivity, connecting locally via GPRS, 3G, 4G and Next G while in coverage range, but then detecting when it is outside these areas and will switch over to full satellite coverage to keep continuous track of your vehicle even when in the most remote locations.

This clever unit offers High Definition Tracking, monitoring your vehicle or machine every second so it can report every event to you over and above your usual tracking.

This device is also able to be connected to the Canbus (optional) in vehicles that have this feature so it can monitor all of your Canbus inputs as well!  For added features the system can also be updated with the following:



Satellite Tracking SAT B

Housed in a compact, rugged enclosure, ITS SAT B supports location tracking and two independent alarm inputs.

The ITS SAT B is delivered complete and ready-to-go.

ITS SAT B operates for up to 7 years off a single set of ‘off the shelf’ lithium batteries, making installation simple with no need for an external power source.

Unit Features

  • Compact Form Factor
  • Self Contained – Simple Installation
  • Battery powered, no external alarm inputs
  • Field replaceable batteries – 4 x AA ‘off the shelf’ lithium batteries
  • Increased frequency of reporting available when in motion
  • Option to support automotive line power for high frequency tracking
  • For Specifications please view here


 Satellite Tracking SAT C

The ITS SAT C can be configured to track its assets specific needs and provide intermediate and emergency email or SMS alerts via satellite.SAT-C

With line power or automatic battery back-up power options the ITS SAT C is flexible and reliable with a multitude of configuration options including up to 12 different reporting times, interval tracking or 24 hour operation mode, alternate reporting schedules and low battery alerts.

The ITS SAT C can be line-powered, or in the absence or interruption of external power, the ITS SAT C will automatically switch to battery back-up. When using line-power, the user has maximum flexibility in messaging frequency allowing for regular monitoring of asset location. ITS SAT C utilizes motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and custom configured sensors to gather and transmit asset status information.

Personal/Lone Worker Satellite Tracking

For information about personal and lone worker satellite tracking please view our Personal Satellite Tracking page here