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There’s no single solution for all fleet needs.

This is why ITS Intelligent Tracking Solutions with its unique IntelliTrac cloud based software  bring our clients both passive and active solutions for GPS, Satellite and Fleet Management.

For many years, we have helped save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

Our mastery of fleet management solutions and our delivery of unmatched consultative value after the sale has set us apart from the competition.

With a strong R&D Team in hardware design, manufacturing, firmware and software design, ITS  IntelliTrac has the expertise to bring niche products to market.  We work with you, focusing on developing customised products and solutions to meet your needs, on time and within budget to the highest standards.

To highlight one product the ITS IntelliTrac GPS Tracking System is Australasia’s Best Selling GPS Fleet Management Tracking System for small, medium to large businesses.  We provide our clients with a comprehensive integration strategy built upon a consultative relationship.  Once we have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements for success, we use our industry-leading expertise, proven track record of product and service excellence and powerful network of technology partners to provide your company with a total business operation GPS tracking and fleet management ad-for-web-pages350solution.

We are unique in the industry because of the following:

  • We listen and ensure you are getting the right features of GPS Tracking for your business needs.
  • We are local, with full IT support and fully trained technicians available both in Australia and New Zealand 24/7
  • Easy system operation with unlimited users.
  • We install, train and service everything we provide locally.
  • Up to date maps with the option of over nine quality up to date licensed maps to include Standard view, Hybrid and Google.
  • We do not have just one solution, Instead, we configure a GPS based solution based upon the individual business’ objectives and budget.
  • Our customers range in size from 1 vehicle to over 5000 vehicles.
  • We work with you the customer after the sale.
  • Our whole business model is based upon growing our business through referrals from our installed base.
  • We will help you understand your data and help create business policies and procedures to ensure your investment has a positive return on investment.
  • Secure login and password internet based software available from any computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • We install at your location with our nation wide service team.
  • We offer full training sessions, for larger companies we can come to you, for smaller we can offer one on one at a time convenient to you.
  • We use and test all our products on our own fleet.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • No contracts, holding you to ransom.
  • We are one of only a handful of companies in New Zealand and Australia that actually manufacture all levels to include both hardware and software.
  • Easy product change over from vehicle to vehicle as your fleet changes.
  • Latest technology GPS, SMS, GPRS, 3G, 4G and NextG compatible systems.
  • Locate your vehicles on an up to date map in seconds.
  • Send the nearest vehicle to any job.
  • Driver behaviour reports and notifications, staff safety and security alerts.
  • Set up vehicle maintenance alerts so you automatically know when WOF, COF, RUC,  insurance and servicing is due.
  • Establish Geofence boundary lines so you can receive alerts when drivers arrive at or leave specific sites.
  • Review a driver’s activity for the day for route optimisation, to see sites visited and to prove whereabouts.
  • Communicate with drivers more efficiently by sending and receiving detailed job messages.
  • Send job addresses to the in-vehicle device so it routes your driver from point A to B automatically.
  • Access reports to help with time sheets, job logs, billing, KPIs, SLA, customer queries and more.