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Tracking our trucks with GPS from ITS gives us and our customers a real professional feeling when we’re able to look at our computer screen and tell the customer that we can see the truck and it is just a few km’s away and will be there in just a few more minutes.-Distribution Company Nationwide
Being rural fuel cost was a big issue for us. We’ve reduced this dramatically by analysing the GPS tracking reports and reducing idle time and speeding.  Our vehicles trips are more efficient and our service levels have improved.  With the comprehensive reporting ITS GPS is a great addition to any business.-Distribution/Freight Company Wairarapa
When our tradesman’s van with all his tools got stolen last month our first thought was to look at our GPS tracking on our computer… and there it was!  We sent around one of our workers (a scary looking guy) and we had our van back within three hours of it going missing.  The thieves had already started dismantling it even in that short time.  We got our tools back and with a small repair our van is as good as new.- Design Company
I have found ITS fantastic value for money.  They gave a really good deal and have customised our GPS tracking to do everything we wanted it to do.  Recently I was approached by another GPS tracking company who tried to convince us they were better.  But of course we said no, ITS provide everything we want with our tracking so why would we want to change!

-Crane Company North Shore Auckland

For something that’s so affordable this system is very advanced.  It has provided exactly what we needed.  We would recommend ITS to anyone looking for a professional GPS tracking system.-Plumbing Company Christchurch
We’ve been impressed by the personalised customer service we have received from your company, you certainly go the extra mile.  Thank you for your reliable and efficient service.-Service Contractors Kaitaia
We have full time employees and we use GPS tracking to track their hours on job locations. We also use it to dispatch staff to given jobs and give ETAs to our customers accurate to within a few minutes, which is fantastic. We used to have to call our techs at least 20 times a day to see where they were, but now we barely even need to talk to them. We can just let them do their work. We started just by tracking in-and-out times, but it’s become so much more. Everything from ETAs to when we need to do servicing, warrants and oil changes of our vehicles, so we can schedule all that in advance.-Electrical Contractor Operations Administration Auckland
Having a recognisable company logo and our company free phone number advertised on our vehicles means often getting calls from the public to tell us one or another of our drivers is speeding or driving poorly.   The tracking system from ITS  allows us to look at our fleet from driver to driver checking their driving performance against the Driver Behaviour and Speed reports that we can generate on the ITS system. We always strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and this system is helping us get there.                                                                -Nationwide Distribution Company Based In Auckland
Knowing where my vehicles are just by looking at my phone saves me time.  I know where my vehicles are whether I am in the office or away visiting my suppliers.-Importers and Distributors Christchurch
I use it for my pool cleaning business. On occasion clients question if we were at their house on a particular day.  I tell them we have GPS tracking and can even tell them how long we were there for.-Maintenance Company Wellington
The staff at ITS were very helpful in getting the GPS tracking up and running in our vehicles.  Whenever I have questions they are only a phone call away and are always willing to help no matter how silly my questions seem.  We are still learning all the features of the tracking system but it is certainly making getting our vehicles from job to job quicker and easier.   We can spend less time on the phone checking where our drivers are and can see when one comes available easily.-Delivery Company Wellington Region
Our workers go into the homes of people with a variety of needs.  Having GPS tracking is reassuring for them because if anything happens we can see the address they are parked at and will contact them to check everything’s okay if we notice the vehicle has not left the address when it was meant to.  We also use the system for monitoring hours spent at each client’s home for funding purposes, using the reports we print off the system to verify these.                                                         -Charitable Trust Northland
Our ITS GPS trackers were installed two years ago.  They allow us to dispatch our team from the nearest local location to the most urgent areas efficiently, saving our franchise operations a huge amount of unnecessary kilometres on their vehicles and getting them to the customer faster ready for the next call. We also log time arrived and time left on each location to allow accurate time based invoicing.-Cleaning Company Franchise
When we got our GPS tracking installed I was surprised to see how many times a day our vehicles went over exactly the same routes.  Now we plan their job schedules so this doesn’t happen.  This improves our fuel expenditure and means our vehicles and staff have more time available to attend pending jobs which ultimately means more profit for our company.  We are more than satisfied with our GPS Tracking system from Intelligent Tracking Solutions.-Rural Maintenance and Service Company Hawkes Bay