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Upgrade Your Fleet’s Existing GPS From $1

Upgrade Your Existing GPS Tracking Today, From As Little As $1 Per Vehicle!

We are astonished to find some companies are paying well over the odds for GPS tracking and fleet management software solutions for their company vehicles with poor reporting capability, using basic or even stolen maps, all run on foreign servers, based overseas, so what happens when it all goes wrong?

Is your company locked into a painful contract for years that holds them to ransom for big money payments each month?

It’s time to upgrade just give our team a call and we will be happy to look at upgrading your fleets system and in most cases we can do this for $1 per vehicle plus GST.

You will get the latest technology at the very best price possible, fitted and serviced by professionals, our monthly cost is fixed with no hidden extras, so you know each month what your fixed budget is.

Our software is updated regularly for FREE and includes all mapping licences, it’s that simple.


Why choose  ITS Fleet Management?

The first and most obvious advantage is how flexible and simple our system is to use.

You can see all of your vehicles on one screen or split into many screens, it is easy to download quick and comprehensive management reports for office administration.

You are also able to receive pop up email reports to make monitoring even easier such as Speeding, Driver Behaviour, WOF, RUC, COF, Fuel Usage and much more.

To ensure transition to our Fleet Management systems goes smoothly we provide full training and ongoing support for free, Our mapping is run off over 9 mapping platforms; these include road maps, satellite maps and hybrid which is a mixture of these.

The map type is able to be changed at the click of a button to the user’s preference.

Our mapping can even show you real-time traffic congestion, weather reports and fuel stations so you can advise your staff to take a different route to assist there travel times.

We can also supply a free destination planner, free geofencing and have driver information such as name, vehicles, license details and phone numbers etc showing on the screen.

All information is stored on the individual units for 90 days or 100,000 position on the black box recorder if in poor reception area.

All the units information is then downloaded for all company staff ease of use and access and stored on our server bank forever, at any time you can down load the information and keep it on your office system as a CSV, Excel or PDF file for as long as you wish.

You can view all of your company vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from one easy to use screen or split it into multi views.

This gives you opportunity to know where your staff currently are, also where they have been.

This assists your company in ensuring vehicles are going directly to the locations they are deployed to and that your staff are at the locations at the times they need to be.

You will be able to analyse the data collected and use this to ultimately increase accountability and bottom line profitability.

Being able to locate your vehicles/equipment at any time provides greater security for the staff that drive your vehicles and also for your equipment.

In the case of any accidents you will be able to find out what really happened…? was your staff member speeding? Were they where they were supposed to be at that time?

Our Fleet management reporting is a great workshop tool, you can use it to ascertain how long a service technician on site, and use this information to analyse whether you have over or under charged your clients for service time.

Easily locate staff for dispatch to a nearby location, i.e. if a client needs a job seen to urgently you can see which vehicle you have nearby and dispatch them for expedient assistance.

Fleet Management reduces the need for staff to call in to the office regularly to give updates of their location and also reduces the need for the office to ring staff to find out where they are located at any given time.

Anyone within your company that you allocate can log in to our system at any time to receive the latest information on your vehicles.

Password login can be individual or generic and can be controlled to differing levels so staff members can be limited to view only the levels you want them to.

Many Fleet Management companies operate with only one or two servers in one location, this increases the likelihood of the system being unavailable for extended periods of time.

We have many servers working in three class A secure locations.

Our servers which simultaneously collect and record information for our clients giving you uninterrupted and secure access.

Smaller fleet Management companies often run off shared servers based in China or run through a GPS gate.

This means your details are taken way off shore and your details mixed with those of companies all over the world.

With our servers being local we keep your information local, we believe this provides you with better security and back up service.

This also means our own staff are running our servers rather than your company information being passed to some distant third party who knows where.

We feel it is important to have our servers run in our part of the world where our staff have a clear understanding of business protocols and ethics that are relevant to our market place.

Our research shows that a company that has just five vehicles you can save $220,000 over 3 years.

A good Fleet Management package can make a huge difference to your profit levels and can supply you with off-road information for vehicles that travel significant kilometers savings on Road User Charges.

So what does our package supply?

Our monthly GPS service fee of just $30.00 plus GST per month includes:

  • Unlimited continuous GPS tracking per vehicle updated to your login portal every 3 Minutes.
  • Unlimited Users Login and access to comprehensive tracking and reporting.
  • Unlimited Log on Time.
  • All GPS Device Mobile Broadband Data and map licensing for our high quality mapping included is over 9 different map types.
  • Excellent Back-up support 24/7 Nation wide.

We are happy to offer you a FREE demonstration at your premises, just give us a call to book a time and location and we can show you why the ITS fleet management system is right for you.